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Vloga za začasno radioamatersko dovoljenje - Request for temporary radioamateur licence in the Republic of Slovenia (for countries not participating in CEPT T/R 61-01)

Postopek pridobitve:
- Izpolnjen obrazec je potrebno dostaviti na naslov Agencije
- Upravno takso (7,09 EUR) se plača s položnico in potrdilo priloži obrazcu
- Priloži se kopijo dovoljenja, izdanega v državi izvora.
- APEK odgovori v roku enega meseca na naslov, naveden na vlogi.

The issuing procedure:
- The filled-in form should be sent directly to the Agency's address.
- Administrative fee (7,09 EUR) should be paid by sending money order to the Bank of Slovenia, Slovenska 35, Ljubljana, SWIFT code: BSLJSI2X in favor of the account: 01100-1000345513, ref. no.: 11 28401-7111207-2009 with statement of the purpose of the payment (Application for RA licence.
Money orderds shall be performed through the intercessing bank, which shall be chosen depending on the currency of payment, as follows:
EUR ... Deutche Bank Frankfurt, SWIFT code: DEUTDFF,
USD ... Bankers Trust Company New York, SWIFT code: BKTRUS33,
CHF ... Union Bank of Switzerland Zurich, SWIFT code: UBSWCZH,
GBP ... Barclays Bank London, SWIFT code: BARCGB22,
CAD ... Bank of Montreal, SWIFT code: BOFMCAM2,
JPY ... Bank of Tokyo, SWIFT code: BOTKJPT,
SEK ... Svenska Handelsbanken, SWIFT code: HANDSESS
- A copy of the evidence of the fee payment and a copy of the origin country licence shall be enclosed to the application.
The Agency will send its answer to the address written on the Request within 1 month.