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Odlična priložnost za mlade operaterje do 17-25 let. Pazite na rok 25.1.2011! Prijave pošljite na ZRS ali meni osebno. Potrebujemo ekipo petih članov za udeležbo.

Boštjan S55O

Dear OM,


I am writing you on behalf of Zamolxes Foundation from Romania, an organization for youth, active in different fields such as youth culture, environment protection, sport, youth education and training and radio amateurism.

We are running activities within a radio club, YO9KXR, and we’d like to organize a youth exchange within Youth in Action program financed by European Commission.

There will be 50 HAM radio participants from 10 countries. Each group will consist of 4 young radio amateurs (18-25 years old) and one leader. During the exchange the radio amateurs will get to know each other, will participate in different radio amateur activities such field –day, “fox-hunting”, ordinary radio traffic, emergency communications and disaster simulation, digital modes, satellite work, propagation tests, etc.

The youth exchange will be organized in Campina, KN25UD, 90 km north from Bucharest, capital of the country and will last 7 days.

All the costs regarding accommodation and food will be covered by us, the organizers.

We’ll reimburse also 70% from travel costs.

Please, if you are interested to participate in this exciting project let us know until 25th of Januar 2011.




Fundatia Zamolxes

P.O. Box 3

RO-105600 Campina


Tel./Fax: 0040-244-373161

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