Dear radioamateurs, dear contesters,

Alpe Adria VHF/UHF/SHF contest is one of the oldest radioamateur contest organised on VHF/UHF/SHF frequency bands. This year’s contest, organised by Association of Radio Amateurs of Slovenia, is the 43rd in a row. Short description of this contest is available here 

This contest has two parts. On Sunday, 3rd August 2014 there is VHF part and the rules for this part are available here . VHF part of Alpe Adria contest is very popular, usually extremely high number of amateur stations are taking part and for those amateurs who likes mountaineering, there is low power (5W) high altitude (above 1600m A.S.L.) category excellent opportunity.

At the end of the contest don’t forget to submit your log. According the rules logs from participants from OE, 9A and I are to be sent to the national VHF managers, participants from other countries can upload the log on the S5 VHF robot or they can send their logs to one of the email addresses listed in the rules or to the vhfctest (at)

On behalf of the organiser I wish you good luck

73 de

                                                                        Miha, S51FB
                                                                        ZRS VHF manager