Contest Season 2011

Do you remember 2009

We were contesting from Slavnik, JN65XM. We had some very nice moments up there, but at the end of the season we were tired, very tired... so tired that we decided to take a year off...

It was very boring in 2010. Very boring... It was so boring that we decided to do it again ... :-) 

This time from  Lisca, JN76PB...!!! 

Visit our web site to be informed what is going on with S57C crew, what was the score we achieved and what happened to our setup... and we are looking forward to have a contact with you during the contests in 2011. 

Best 73's de S57C Contest Team


S57C(vičk), Cviček, "Always Cvičk" - Cviček is one of the most unique wines in Slovenia. Its secret is in blending various reds with white varieties. It has an attractive, light red colour with a slight ruby cast, and fresh fruity aromas, with an emphasis on red fruits (raspberry, cherry and red currant). Wine, typical of the Dolenjska region is composed of various sorts of grapes. Cviček produced in Branko's vineyard is one of the best Cviček wines I ever tasted (Bojan, S51QA)

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