Alpe Adria VHF

We had quite a lot of fun this time. It was very nice weather, only one band to set up and the time of paragliding event. Why do we mention it? Some of para-gliders are ham operators (S57JHH, S56ASD...) and we were kindly invited to join them for a beer or two... :-) 

Back to the contest... We put in the air four antennas. We added two single 16 el. TONNAs to the main system which consists of two 5WL K6MYC and fixed 6 x 3. IN the shack one would find two FT1k radios and Javornik xverters which worked quite fine. However there is no contest without any troubles - this time we had some with internet connection and LAN configuration. We didn't solve the problems entirely, but it should be OK by the September contest.

Thanks all for the QSO and CU in September!

Cheers! S57C Contest Team

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144 MHz

Contest report: S57C from JN76PB at 144 MHz

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