March 2011

branko s57c (1, 2 and 3 GHz)

Let me explain in a few words what happened over the weekend. I will focus on Saturday and Sunday, Friday action you probably saw (click). 

On Saturday we needed to lift up main two antennas for 2m (2 x K6MYC), two antennas for 70cm band (2 x I0JXX) and dish with triple feed (1, 2 and 3 GHz). 

In the morning the weather was cold and foggy but at about nine it turned into a beautiful day. Although the hard work we had to do we enjoyed it very much. Indeed, everything went just fine and at the contest beginning everything was ready. 

But then it happened... 

Suddenly 1GHz band went off. In one of previous articles we mentioned that we have a triple band feeder and switch synchronization is crucial. We actually don't know exactly what happened but in 1 GHz transverter 1 PIN Diode blew out. The very moment we found out what was wrong Branko S57C started his car and drove it all the way to his vineyard house. After about 2 hrs. he came back, we changed the diode and put the transverter back to the tower. So, the first QSOs on these three bands were done after 8 P.M. 

Next thing I have to point at is Microwave shack. Adi S55M decided to try it with the Flex 1500 + Javornik TRV as a main station. For some time he made an exchange and put FT1000 instead of Flex, but he switched it back. There is a lack of dynamic range comparing the Flex to FT1000, but small and handy rig certainly did its job. Yet another point to be mentioned was PowerSDR software coming with Flex - much better would it be if the band window was staying still and only cursor would move around when changing the frequency. Just like the WINRAD does it...

On 2m nothing new. We used two antenna systems, 2 x K6MYC and fixed 6 x 3. FT1000+Javornik TRV did the job good. S52CO was the operator for whole contest.

70cm was without any surprise as well. We used FT1000+Menina TRV and one antenna system, pair of I0JXX. Tone S57Q enjoyed it all the time :-)

Band to band analysis can be found below. We have some video material prepared as well, so check out our page for more info...

Thanks everyone for the QSO! CU in May... :-)

S57C Contest Team

Saturday and Sunday photos can be seen here...

March Contest video is here...

March 144MHz

Contest report: S57C from JN76PB at 144 MHz

March 432MHz

Contest report: S57C from JN76PB at 432 MHz

March 1GHz

Contest report: S57C from JN76PB at 1,3 GHz

March 2GHz

Contest report: S57C from JN76PB at 2,3 GHz

March 3GHz

Contest report: S57C from JN76PB at 3,4 GHz

March 5GHz

Contest report: S57C from JN76PB at 5,7 GHz

March 10GHz

Contest report: S57C from JN76PB at 10 GHz

March Contest video

March Contest video
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