November 2011

S57C & S55M

Here we are for our last contest in the TwentyEleven Season. Unfortunately there is Tone, S57Q missing because of enormous pains in his back. Hope he will recover soon to join us...!

We put in the air four antennas - main system of 2 M25WL, 6x3 L fixed to OK/OM, 2x16JXX2 and 2x15 L DJ9BV... Quite a lot of aluminum and quite some possibilities to make foolishness with switching all the stuff ;-)

Check the webcam showing our contest location. With some luck you can even catch us fooling around the house :-))))

Post contest remarks...

Marconi is one of our favorite contests and this one was particularly nice. Everything worked well, we didn't have problems with the equipment even the weather was quite  good :-) 

All this resulted very nice score - over 400 QSOs and over 160.000 points was even more than we expected before the contest. This is our best score for Marconi so far at JN76PB, it could happen to be S5 record... ;-)

Operators during the contest were Branko S57C, Adi S55M and Jani S52CO, setup with two FT1k and 2 Javornik xverters can be seen from the photos. Pair of lightweight ItaLab mosfet amplifiers changed the ambient totally - no more characteristic cooling fan noise and big housings for GS35 or similar stuff :-))))

Please check here for the photo gallery.

Finally TwentyEleven season is finished. Thanks for so many contacts we had with you all and hope we will hear you again in one of our next contest seasons.

S57C Contest Team

P.S.: Special thanks to Nico from ItaLab for his support during the contest!

144 MHz

Contest report: S57C from JN76PB at 144 MHz

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