October 2011

We met on Friday afternoon. The weather was perfect not only for working but also for shooting (the photos:-). We enjoyed under the clear sky and antennas were lifted up just like that, without any problems and without any bad mood.

Well, preparations for the contest were not so easy. If you remember our July Contest we managed to "kill" quite some pieces of the equipment. Adi S55M was the one who took care for microwave equipment to be ready again. Additionally we got a brand new 432MHz xverter and now we can easily say that we are ready again :-)

Due to some problems with frequency accuracy in the past we put in the air "local beacon system" consisted of Rohde Schwarz signal generator and aerial on the Microvan roof :-). Adi also found the GPS 10MHz standard in his garage, so we used this piece of equipment too. We have to say that we were pretty sure where we were this time :-).


Post contest remarks:

Actually, we have to be satisfied with the contest although we had some bad luck. Unfortunately we lost 10GHz RX on Sunday morning so we stay out of competition for S5 #1 place on this band :-( However, we improved our scores on almost all bands on this location. Mt. Lisca, JN76PB, with its 947m a.s.l. has its limits... That's it!

Please check here for our updated photo gallery!


de S57C Contest Team


Contest report: S57C from JN76PB at 432 MHz


Contest report: S57C from JN76PB at 1,3 GHz


Contest report: S57C from JN76PB at 2,3 GHz


Contest report: S57C from JN76PB at 3,4 GHz


Contest report: S57C from JN76PB at 5,7 GHz


Contest report: S57C from JN76PB at 10 GHz

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