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Please scroll down to see what was going on from the first meeting when decided to join together again and to have some fun in 2011 V/U/SHF Contest Season...


the Top one...


We have to tell you a sad news... :-(

All our labour from last week was done in vain... Local community decided to remove an old ski lift and they…

Renewing the GHz shack


Well, after we did some renovation on the cottage, Adi S55M decided to do some refurbishment on his own GHz shack... ;-)

New 12m tower

S57Q & S57C

We were discussing about to rise another antenna tower yet at the time of december meeting. Now, just before the May contest we did it. We repaired…

Screwdriver antenna for 23cm

s53xx 23cm antenna

Please take a look at the March Contest review and statistics.

However, we have to show you yet another most interesting moment in the contest. We…

Friday before Contest

Lisca jn76pb

As predicted it was cold and hard afternoon...

We met at about 2 P.M. and we started to work immediately. We didn't have any problems with coming to…

6 x 3 on the tower

It's gonna be winter this time...!!!

Part of the team went to the contest location to put up 6x3 antenna system which we usually use in fix direction…

1&2&3GHz Transverter modifications

1&2&3GHz Transverter modifications

Preparing 6x3

S57C prepared and tuned up antennas we use in fix direction to OK/OM. We found the 6x3 system very useful and we will certainly put it in air...

Fast internet connection


WiFi connection between Sevnica and Contest location/JN76PB. 

Longer line shows path  loss from JN76PB to S57C vineyard location.

We managed to connect our contest location to internet using simple WiFi solution. Antennas are about 6,4 kilometers apart in visible line. We use…

December meeting

Everything begun few days before Christmas.

It was called "December meeting" which was held at S57C vineyard house. Food, wine, ham radio fun - what…

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