6 x 3 on the tower

It's gonna be winter this time...!!!

Part of the team went to the contest location to put up 6x3 antenna system which we usually use in fix direction to OK/OM. 

S57C, S57Q and S57NAW did it, but with a lot of difficulties. Weather was awful. Strong wind, temperatures well below zero... Anyway, they put the system together and pulled it up to the tower. 

Besides that they drilled through the wall two new cable inlets and filled cracks in the walls to be warmer for the contest time. 

We are a bit worried about the weather although prediction is quite good. We have in plan working the microwave bands from Adi's mini van, but if snow continues to fall it will be impossible to pull it to the very top of the hill where it should be...

But... we'll see :-)

More photos are here...

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