December meeting

Everything begun few days before Christmas. 

It was called "December meeting" which was held at S57C vineyard house. Food, wine, ham radio fun - what would one want more ;-) Food tasted very good, wine was good as well, so it was not hard to do the plan for "Twenty Eleven" Project...

We were unanimous to to go for multi band/multi op. That is - all bands from 2m to 24GHz:

2 or 3 antenna systems for 144MHz and FT-1000+Javornik transverter

2 antenna systems for 432 MHz and FT-1000+Menina transverter

Dishes for 1, 2 and 3 GHz with IC-275 and transverters

Dishes for 5, 10 and 24GHz and Flex 1500+transverters.

However, more about the setup after the March Contest...

Click here for more photos...

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