New 12m tower

S57Q & S57C

We were discussing about to rise another antenna tower yet at the time of december meeting. Now, just before the May contest we did it. We repaired an old tower which we used in the past and we attached it to the ski lift pillar. We put some over 30 mtrs. of good coax into the PVC pipe and buried all together into the ground to be used for whole season. Quite some hard work had to be done for all the soil to be dug out, the pipe to be put into the drain and all to be covered back again. But, one can hardly notice it... All the credits for that goes to Tone, S57Q. 

Tower will be used for 4 x 23 el. for 70cm band...

Working team was Branko/S57C, Tone/S57Q, Josko/S57NAW, Bojan/S51QA.

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73s de S57C Contest Team

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