S57C Contest team

During the December meeting

From left round the table: Sonja S53GO, Tone S57Q, Josko S57NAW, Branko S57C, Adi S55M. S51QA was taking the photo

Who the heck are S57C Team??? 

There is Branko, S57C. "C" as a Chief...! What to say more about chief. The word says it all ;-) If you want to be in contact directly to him - he's going to be radioactive on 1, 2 and 3 GHz.

The next one would be Adi, S55M. "M" stands for "Microwave Man". On the contrary to the waves he deals with, there is absolutely nothing "micro" when seeing him. Imagine! Almost 2 m of height and well over 100 kilos of weight!!! Want direct contact? Take a look to 5GHz&up... 

Tone, S57Q would be guy (hmm, a bit baldish...) who's salami cellar can be seen on the photo (right). Have you ever wanted to hear really good SSB modulation? Tune your gear to 70cm band and take a look for our callsign - Tone will be there during the contest time.

Josko, S57NAW is our mechanic wizard. He can weld together whatever would one want. No matter we needed a new table, closet or just an antenna tower!?! What You Ask You Get... Occasionally radioactive on 70cm band helping his boss S57Q... :-)

Jani, S52CO - the fastest CQer on 2m :-) No sound card memories for SSB needed. Nor the second Op on 2m. I hardly remember he ever took a pee pause in 24 hours...?!

Bojan, S57TW. Hard working guy from the very beginning till the end of the Contest. ...and he knows all the directions, all the places, all the locators directly from his head. Can you imagine? Living computer - in real IBM Pro...!

Sonja, S53GO was our cook during the 2009 season. Last year she pass the exam and she is now proud owner of Ham radio license. It turned out that she became a hell of an operator and we are now seriously in trouble about the cooking business. Hope we can talk her into the fact that contesting is for boys and cooking is for girls...

Last but not least is Bojan, S51QA. Also known as FPA (Ph(F)otoPressAgency). Deaf guy!!! Not usable as an operator. I don't even know what is he doing there... Waste of food and drinks he ate... I don't know, really!? ;-)


Thanks to Sonja/S53GO we finally have photos including FPA (The deaf one...)

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